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Autumn walks

Autumn is a favourite season also because of rainy days. Yes, I do like rain, but not all summer long. In the fall it's supposed to rain. Walking in the forest on a rainy day is a wonderful experience, provided that you're wearing the proper clothes. It smells so good from the wet leaves. Pine forests are also nice in the rain, and they too smell really good. As long as the leaves are on the trees, autumn is quite pleasant. After the trees shed their leaves they're just barren. The earth feels barren and dreary.

new haircut

I am back from a very nice morning at the hairdresser. I like to talk with her and she really understands how I want to have my hair. First she has dyed my hair back to my own hair color. After that she cut quite a large piece of my hair. It feels great to have a nice haircut again. I have lots of curls and my hair appears to have more energy again. It is amazing how much energy you get when you spent some time to yourself. It has been about a year ago that I went to ...